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Using Touchcast Studio for Green Screen on iPads
Larry Gooch and LaShona Taylor

Lyndsey Kellyand Stephanie Taylor
Khan Academy: Easy ways toincorporate Khan Academy into daily classroom life.
Clare Stolarski
Flipped Classroom
Jessica Roberts
EPIC - Free eReading
Melissa Smith

Using Procreate for Sketchnoting
Wanda Terral
Let it Snow!
Sara Casey

Using Desmos to Enhance Graphing Instruction in the Mathematics Classroom
Vanessa Moore
Middle School Curriculum Maps and Digital Resources
Chris Murray
Hacking Keynote for Green Screen Use
Joey Mitchell

Interactive Newsletters with Google Slides
Wanda Terral
iPad App Appeal
Melanie Duell

Using Mac Grapher toMake Animated and Interactive2D/3D Models
Ryan Burkett
Having Fun with Nearpod
Bob Shirey
Creating Digital Art with Pixlr
Casey Smith

Using Google Docs for Writing Feedback
Amber Triggs
Coding in the Elementary Classroom
Elizabeth Wehmeyer

Learning Probes
Chuck Henry
Put a Pin in It!
Shireen Brandt
Augmented Reality
John Simi

Keep it Together with Google Keep
Ann Brucker

Tech Tools for Today!
Kitty Hiltenbrand
Password Management Made Easy
Lynn Williams
Blair Lynch
Virtual Reality in Education
Madeline Ward

Parenting in the Digital Age
Rachel Wetzel
Give Your Class a “Kick”with Classkick
Heidi Samuelson

Making Animations with Presentations

Jan Mars
Gamification with the Classcraft: Classroom Management System
Ryan Burkett
Virtual Reality:Google Tilt Brush
Casey and Melissa Smith